‘Expect the Unexpected’

American Hip-hop artist from the wild west Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dremon captures an oasis vibe with his captivating music, catchy hooks, memorable chorus', and smooth flowing verses. Dremon can fit into any playlist without feeling out of the place. The versatility of his music solidifies his position in the industry. 

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American Rapper, Dremon, from the wild west Albuquerque, New Mexico, captures an oasis vibe with his captivating music, catchy hooks, memorable choruses, and smooth flowing verses. Dremon can fit into any playlist without feeling out of place. The versatility of his music solidifies his position in the industry. His 2012 Great Escape street LP earned him a rising name and lead him to a meeting with Jimmy Kang, CEO of Str8up Ent and VP of Wu-Tang Management,
eventually providing him 3 years of management. While pushing his album The Music, he gained more exposure with performances and networking with established artists and film cross-over in Money Is King, (Freeway Rick Ross, Jadakiss, Tommy ‘Tiny’ lister), and a feature film, Busy Day. His album began receiving rotation on local and internet radio stations, he gained attention as a first round winner of the Swisher Artist Project/ Grant 2016, which scored several soundtrack/placements/Reviews for the movie The Perfect Pickup, 2017’s XXL 20th anniversary edition, First Hip-Hop artist interviewed by ABQ The Magazine, Weekly Alibi, A&R Factory, The Colt Show, and placements for his single “Gravity’,” produced by Mike Cee More. By the end of 2019, Dremon was well on his way, receiving 120,000 streams for his song “Beneficial” with powerful artistic visuals that made him stand out.

Everyone can agree 2020 was full of the unexpected and life changing. The music industry was deeply impacted having to cut studio time, shows and production. Despite these circumstances, Dremon and his team were not going to let anything interrupt their future and progress. From music videos, playlist, personal crowded tours, blog, press, radio runs with major placements, Dremon found himself ending such a wild card year on The Source’s People’s Choice Top Independent Artist, sitting at number 11 with his single “Say Less,” and his new project, The EP, released the summer of 2021. His new album featured the songs “Advance,” “Do It for Me,” “Wax,” and much more heat coming in the waves. Coasting with a motivated rally through the worldwide pandemic that spread into 2021, Dremon partnered with Str8up Entertainment / The Orchard / Sony Music for new horizons.
Crazy to think the world in two years of a pandemic finds itself moving along in 2022. Consistent movement laced across passion allows Dremon’s EP independently to strike over 300,000 streams counting. Quality music, enticing music videos and the underground hustle stems it all. With new reach comes new opportunity. From city East Coast vibes, to successful sessions in the bright lights of Las Vegas, all the way down in the dirty south Atlanta leveled up, Dremon now finds himself readying up another release featuring production from Fontainn/Podium Muzik, Major 88 keys, Bangladesh, Mike Cee, Jhonny Gusto, B. Dot Smokez and more. He’s definitely aiming for the stars and beyond. The pieces are coming together. your accolades and career highlights here.

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